Wichsenstein, Germany (by mart.n)

Close to beautiful Bamberg… enjoy the view!!
9th Apr 201411:582,138 notes
Beautiful Bamberg once again: misty morning in town between almost spring and spring

Bamberg, Germany (by Belhaven2011)
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So far, some winter in beautiful Bamberg
now secular windows in beautiful Bamberg
well-known facade in beautiful Bamberg
short winter episode in beautiful Bamberg
Hello to all my dear friends and followers of beautifulbamberg here!! I´m so glad that y’all are still here with me even if this is (once again) a short note from yours truly. I´m still around but still busy, but expect some really interesting stuff soon, deshalb bis bald, hopefully :-)
Anonymous asked:

Heeyy I only started following you very recently and I was wondering if you had any pics of or from the rosegarden? I've only been there once but it really marked me, a beautiful place in such a beautiful city :D

Hi there, thank you for your message and glad you really liked my town :-) Of course I have pictures of our lovely rosegarden as well. Just go over here and search for everything tagged “Rosengarten”. And don´t be shy and explore all the other things there until I will be back with more!!

a quick hello from this beautiful misty city :-)
Opaque  by  andbamnan